Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Jayden's Revenge Audiobook Available Today

My uncut version of Jayden's Revenge is now available in audio format for about $7.00. It's an hour and fifteen minutes and is performed by Aiden Fishbein, local actor and cinematographer.

This version of the story is quite a bit different from my original published novella and includes deleted scenes and a lot more explanation of Philip's role in the family.

You can preview the book with a short audio sample by following the links below.

  Available in Audiobook format on Amazon,  Audible and iTunes 

As a bonus, you can also hear the audition tape for my novel, Dimly, Through Glass, HERE. 
It may be necessary to request the desktop site from your mobile browser's options in order to hear the audio. I have a Samsung Galaxy, and had to... not sure about other devices. 

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